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Membership Advantages

As a BtoB Connect member, you'll gain access to:

  • The unique BtoB Connect system for generating qualified, personal referrals.
  • An exclusive seat in a local or virtual chapter dedicated to your business category. Simply, you'll have no competition around the table at your chapter meeting so referrals in your business category go to you.
  • Online member forums, resources and cross-country referral/networking opportunities.
  • The full BtoB Connect membership directory and our vendor network.
  • Cross-chapter local events and monthly webcasts featuring experts in sales, networking and referral generation

Best of all...

  • There's no mandatory lead dispersal or regular meeting attendance.
  • Meetings are every other week, rather than every week..
  • Group sizes are limited to just 12 members to encourage quality, long-term relationships with group members.
  • You can present your business for five-minutes or more at every meeting instead of giving the traditional 30-second 'elevator pitch'

Top 10 Reasons Why BtoB Connect is Not Your Average Networking Group

B to B Connect, LLC. is a BBB Accredited Professional Organization in Streetsboro, OH

Business Opportunity

Drive Your Core Business While Building Residual Income


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