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How it Works

Here are the simple keys to massive success in BtoB Connect:

Attend Meetings. Relationships take time to develop, so attend a specialized BtoB Connect meeting in your area. If you join, you will have no competition in the room and we make privacy a priority.

Be specific when requesting referrals. Make sure each chapter members is clear on what kind of clients or customers you're looking for; be as specific as possible.

Follow up. When you do receive a referral, follow up personally, promptly and respectfully.

Create a Business Profile Sheet. Once you've completed your profile, distribute to each of the chapter members.

Make introductions. The saying goes "if you give, you shall receive." If you're a business-to-business seller, that statement couldn't be more true. So talk up your fellow BtoB Connect chapter members and pay it forward. You're encouraged to introduce BtoB Connect chapter members to your contacts personally. That could be over the phone or in-person, but adding the personal touch will accelerate the relationship building process.

Invite qualified guests. Go ahead and invite your business-to-business colleagues and friends. BtoB Connect offers everyone the opportunity to put the process to the test in two consecutive chapter meetings in the same location.

B to B Connect, LLC. is a BBB Accredited Professional Organization in Streetsboro, OH

Business Opportunity

Drive Your Core Business While Building Residual Income


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